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What is the EPFL?
The EPFL is the Association of European Professional Football Leagues. It is an association governed by Swiss law, founded in 2005 and based in Nyon, Switzerland.


Who are the members of the EPFL?
Nowadays the EPFL comprises 31 Members and Associate Members. The Members are represented by 23 national premier professional football leagues and the Associate Members are represented by 8 major non-premier professional football leagues and Union of Clubs, across Europe.

3. Which are the Leagues that founded the EPFL?
The EPFL was originally founded by 12 Founder Members: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Spain

How many professional football Leagues and affiliated clubs the EPFL represents in Europe?
The EPFL represents 31 Members and Associate Members;  886 Professional Football Clubs: 378 Top Division Clubs and 508 Other Division Clubs; 46 Football Divisions: 24 Premier Divisions, 15 First Divisions; 5 Second Divisions and  2 Third Divisions   

5. What is the structure of the EPFL?
The EPFL structure is composed by: the General Assembly (legislative body); the Board of Directors (executive body); the EPFL Administration  (administrative body); the Standing Committees, the  Football, Social and Economic Forum and the Commission Against Violence in Professional Football  (advisory bodies). Furthermore the EPFL is actively involved in activities of International Cooperation in order to enhance the objective of fostering cooperation and mutual understanding between its members and relevant stakeholders.
6. What is the main role of the EPFL?
The main role of the EPFL is to: be the strategic lead for professional football in Europe; foster cooperation, friendly relations and unity between Member Leagues and Associate Member Leagues;  consider Social Dialogue issues at a European level and where appropriate act as a social partner;  endorse and protect the specificity, identity and autonomy of professional football within the Europe and the world; facilitate the collection and exchange of information between Member Leagues and Associate Member Leagues; organize exhibitions, conferences, training courses and other collective events relating to the promotion of Professional
7. Which kind of services the EPFL could provide to football Leagues and associated clubs?
The EPFL Services includes: Development of International Cooperation with Football Organisations, political institutions and non-governmental organisations; Organisation of International Conferences and Events; Development of Social Responsibility activities;  Operational support to the  Board of Directors and its Members and Associate Members; Evaluation, support and supervision throughout the admission procedure of new Members and Associate Members;  Information Management: collection, production, distribution, filling  and consolidation of data; Assistance in proceedings of legal, commercial economic and political nature ; Development of external communicational instruments; Financial, legal and accounting management of EPFL together with  external experts; Administration of the EPFL branding and marketing plan.
8. What are the EPFL Activities?
The EPFL is a very active organisation and engaged itself in all key issues facing professional football in Europe. Therefore is expanding its activities at all levels, whether it involve its constellation of members and Associate Members, football organisations such as FIFA , UEFA, FIFPro among others and political institutions at national and international level and non-governmental organisations, such as FAO and Culture Foot Solidaires, among others.The main activities focus on: Conferences, Events, Information and Research, International Cooperation and Social Responsibility.
9. Where journalists could find information on an EFPL event and possible media accreditation?
By visiting the page “Media Centre”  in “News Centre”.

Who can apply for a New Membership?
Applications for full membership of the Association shall be open to all national premier professional football leagues as defined in the official UEFA list of European Premier Professional League Organisations, and recognised by a national association or federation which is a member of UEFA.

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