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Date Event Location
31/03/2017 EPFL General Assembly  Porto
30/03/2017 EPFL Seminar Porto
08-09/03/2017 EU Sports Forum Valletta
02/03/2017 EPFL Standing Committees Zurich
23/02/2017 EPFL Board of Directors Brussels
09/02/2017 UEFA Executive Committee Nyon
16-18/01/2017 ESSMA Summit Lyon
13/12/2016 EPFL Knowledge Sharing Workshop Bucharest
23/11/2016 WLF General Assembly Frankfurt
22/11/2016 EPFL Board Meeting Frankfurt
21/10/2016 EPFL General Assembly Zurich
20/10/2016 EPFL Seminar on Good Governance in Football Zurich
06/10/2016 EPFL Digital Group Meeting London
15/09/2016 EC European Week of Sport 2016 - Flagship Event EC Conference
on Good Governance in Sport
15/09/2016 UEFA Executive Committee Meeting Athens
14/09/2016 UEFA Congress Athens
10/09/2016 EC European Week of Sport 2016  Europe
08/09/2016 EPFL Board of Directors Meeting  Amsterdam
5-6/09/2016 ECA General Assembly Geneva
29/08/2016 ESD Working Group Brussels
18/08/2016  Joint Meeting of the EPFL Strategic Committees Vienna

EC Expert Group on Good Governance

13/07/2016  SROC Meeting  London
12/07/2016  EC Refugees Meeting Brussels
8-9/06/2016 EU Expert Group on Match Fixing, Helsinki
7-9/06/2016 ESSMA Stadium Tour, Switzerland, Austria, Hungry Swi,Aus,Hun
31/05-1/06/2016 ESSMA Workshop London
30/05/2016 EPFL Board of Directors Meeting Geneva
26/05/2016 2016 European Week of Sport Conference Brussels


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