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EPFL first meeting, London, 6 June 2005

The EPFL is committed to foster unity within its Members and the football world in order to create synergies for and its stakeholders on all football matters.

The EPFL is committed to provide a framework to enhance and promote professionalism for and among its members, by enhancing cooperation and constructive relations with both members and stakeholders.

The EPFL is committed to address all major information trends to face the huge challenges of a changing sporting, economic, legal and political landscape.

The Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL) is an association governed by Swiss law, founded in 2005 and based in Nyon, Switzerland.

It traces its origins back to the founding in 1997 of the EUPPFL (Association of European Union Premier Professional Football Leagues). Originally composed by 12 members, nowadays comprises 32 Member leagues and Associate Members across Europe.

One Mission
To foster cooperation, friendly relations and unity between the European Professional Football Leagues, exploring common synergies with football authorities and relevant stakeholders in order to positively transform and add significant value to the football landscape

One Vision
To capitalise on the intrinsic values of European professional football and to promote its political, social, cultural, economic and educational dimensions in order to have a positive impact on the game, on and off the pitch.

One Voice
To be the common voice of Professional Football Leagues across Europe on all matters of common interest.

Picture of Member LeaguesThe EPFL nowadays comprises of 32 Member Leagues and Associate Members.

The 24 Member Leagues are national premier professional football leagues as defined in the official UEFA list of European Premier Professional League Organisations and are recognized by a national association or federation which is a member of UEFA.

The 8 Associate Members are either: a) major non-premier professional football leagues which are members of a national association or federation which is affiliated to UEFA; or b)  associations of clubs which are recognised by EPFL Member Leagues in their respective countries... More >

The EPFL must:

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